Multiple options is offered to perform a reward redemption. It can be done with using your existing eCommerce discount code feature, or a fully integrated real time validation method.

In some cases, the options are limited by the technology make available by the eCommerce system. Hence there is no option but to use the only possible option.

Reward Setup, Discount Code Generation and Checkout Integration Options

Discount Code Import

Integration Effort: None

Requirements: The eCommerce system must support bulk generation of discount code. Those discount code must be unique and single use. For example, generate a list of 200 one use $5 discount code.

Real-time Reward Code Validation

Integration Effort: Medium

Requirement: Ability to add an integration during the checkout flow to validate discount code with a 3rd party.

Discount Code Creation via eCommerce API

Integration Effort: High

Requirements: Requirements: The eCommerce system must have discount code related API endpoints. The API endpoints must at least able to generate new discount code and ideally support creation of discount rules.

Auto Applying Discount Code to Checkout Process

For a better user experience. A button and custom JavaScript function can be added in the claimed reward page view. When the button is clicked, the JavaScript is called and the discount code can be applied to the check out process automatically.