Integration Options Overview

1. Full Cycle Integration

This work flow provide complete redemption and sending purchase details to Eber. Requires most integration effort out of all options as it requires more API calls and may need UI change on the PoS to show customer info, list of rewards and redemption buttons.


2. Quick Redemption Integration

This workflow provide a simplified method for reward redemption. Customer will use Customer Portal to redeem their rewards and vouchers, they will be equipped with redemption code at the point of redemption. Cashier simple use the PoS to verify the redemption code with Eber API. This method saves integration effort with minimum UI change on the PoS.


3. Send Purchase Only

In some case where complete integration is not necessary due to operations requirements or limited time and resources. This is an ideal option since Eber provide multiple options for redemption. Cashier simply apply the verified discount to the transaction. Purchases will still send to Eber and member get notified and points instantly.

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4. Purchase Transaction FTP Import

If instant API call to send purchases to Eber is not possible. Eber also support automation of importing transaction via SFTP. New transaction can be set to send via SFTP daily, hourly or at any frequency. Eber will automatically import the transaction in pre-defined format.