*Note: This Redeem endpoint replaces use_issued_reward which is limited to reward.

Redemption Process Overview


Reward Setup

During reward setup in Eber Admin Portal, merchant can define the reward as PoS Reward Type and define the PoS Reward Method. This gives the flexible for the merchant to set their desire discount for as many rewards as they want to provide.

For example, if the merchant like to give a Welcome Reward of 5% off, they can set:

PoS Reward Method: Percentage Discount
PoS Reward Amount: 5%
And if they like to setup a reward requiring 100 points for $10 off, they can set:

PoS Reward Method: Amount Discount
PoS Reward Amount: $10




Request FieldRemarks
redeem_codecode scanned or entered into the PoS
verify_onlyPoS can use this to flag do a check or validation or the code, without actually changing the code status into USED
amountthe current bill amount, data used if it's a Gift Card redemption
custom_store_idPoS pass along it's store identifier
custom_staff_idPoS pass along it's staff identifier
transaction_noPoS bill or receipt number
notenotes attached to this transaction

API Respond


Using Verify Option vs Direct Usage