Eber Loyalty Marketing Platform comes with comprehensive Loyalty engine, Marketing engine, Communication engine. Our core product could extend the capabilities of your existing solution and data. Delighting your clients by delivering with more value.

Here is an overview of what Eber can do together with your solution.


Key features in each of our core product.


Some key comprehensive features of Eber

Our loyalty solution not only provide the essential features. With Eber years of experience and working with hundreds of brands, our loyalty solution comes with comprehensive features such as:

  • Complex Points Issuing Rules
  • Automated Member Upgrade/Downgrade
  • Multi-channel Notification
  • Earning Limit
  • Point and Stamp Options

A successfully reward program must comes with multiple channels of redemption. Eber provides option for

  • PoS
  • Onsite
  • Online
  • 3rd Party Rewards

Customer Member Portal

  • Personalised Access
  • SSO Capability
  • Embeddable to web site or mobile app
  • Engaging and proven UI and UX. Taking guess work out of new project.

Consumer data can be segmented for marketing needs, such as:

  • Personalised Rewards
  • Personalised Content
  • Personalised Messages