Reward Using Discount Code Import


Integration Effort: None

Requirements: The eCommerce system must support bulk generation of discount code. Those discount code must be unique and single use. For example, generate a list of 200 quantity of one use $5 discount code.

Steps to setup reward for redemption:

  1. Create the reward in Eber Admin.
  2. Setup the basic details like Reward name, description and points required.
  3. Generate a list of unique discount codes in the eCommerce system with the desire rules.
  4. Import the list of discount codes into the Reward settings.

Claiming and using the reward:

  1. A member claim the reward.
  2. Eber distribute one of the unused code to the member.
  3. Discount code applied at checkout. Validation is done by eCommerce system since this discount code exist in the eCommerce system and rules are set in the eCommerce system.

This method simply requires the administrator to setup at both system. There is no integration needed between the 2 systems in terms of discount code generation, rule settings and validation. Eber maintain records of discount code distribution.