Reward Using Real-time Discount Code Validation


Integration Effort: Medium

Requirement: Ability to add an integration during the checkout flow to validate discount code with a 3rd party.

Steps to setup reward for redemption:

  1. Create the Reward in Eber admin.
  2. Setup the basic details like Reward Title, description and points required.
  3. Setup the discount rules. There is a fixed set of rules such as amount discount and optional custom parameters to extend custom rules.

Claiming and using the reward:

  1. A member claim the reward.
  2. Eber generate a unique discount code.
  3. Member use the code at checkout.
  4. The eCommerce system checkout flow calls an Eber API endpoint to validate the discount code.
  5. Eber API endpoint returns validity of the discount code, along with the discount parameters.
  6. Discount is applied for the checkout process.

Integration Details:

There is one integration point for this method which is at the point of checkout. eCommerce system is to setup to call Eber API endpoint to validate the discount code.

Integration Process Flow


API Respond Parameters Applying Discount

Eber respond with validity of the reward code and a list of standard and optional custom parameters so that 3rd party eCommerce system can apply the discount in the check out process.

List of parameters


  • Amount Discount
  • Percentage Discount
  • Custom - Specify by integrator

The parameters below are returned during validation process. eCommerce system can decide which of the parameters to be supported during the checkout process. In addition, we provide optional custom parameters in the settings, so that integrator can support more options. And setup can be performed by administrator.

Standard Parameters

  • Currency
  • Amount
  • Discount Percetage
  • After Tax
  • SKU (applies for selected SKU)
  • Redeem Category (applies for selected category)
  • Additional Parameters (3rd party integrator can decide additional paramteres supported by checkout) Such as special product, timing, special channels

Example API of using the code and returned parameters